Security Tips for your Storage Unit in Sioux City

When you store your belongings in a storage unit, you want to be confident that your belongings will still be there the next time you check. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that storage units are very tempting to thieves because the chances that the person renting the unit will stop by soon aren’t that great.

Many people leave things in storage for weeks or even months before they go back to the unit, and that gives others plenty of time to sneak in. However, you can use these secure self-storage tips to make the unit more secure and give your belongings a very good chance of staying safe.
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Onsite Employees in Sioux City Self-Storage Facilities

Most storage units have an onsite office with employees who are there for most of the day. Some facilities even have an employee living onsite, which is even better. Avoid facilities where there are no onsite employees or security guards because the presence of a person who can watch the units and monitor security cameras is a huge deterrent to thieves.

Surveillance Cameras Recording 24 Hours a Day

Employees who have to be in the storage facility’s office can’t be everywhere, so the use of surveillance cameras across the property – both outside and inside, if the facility has a multistory building, and Noke smart entry systems at all entry and exit points – are essential for keeping your belongings safe. And, you want those cameras to be recording 24 hours a day.

It’s not enough for them to merely broadcast video to monitors in the office. You need the cameras to record so that, if it looks like there was an attempt to get into your unit, there is a record of who was where on the property. The police can use the video to help identify suspects and prevent further attempts.

Olympic Storage Offers Keyless Door Lock Noke ONE Smart Entry System

The Noke ONE keyless entry door lock system uses the Bluetooth capability of your smartphone to control the electronic lock on your unit. With this keyless door lock technology, you do not need to carry a key or remember a code.

One-Touch Accessibility

Getting belongings inside your unit can be done with one touch. That means you can hold a box in one arm as you open your unit. You can have confidence in the performance of this system. Janus International, a company that is a leading manufacturer and supplier of doors for self-storage facilities, designed and manufactured them.

Peace of Mind with Secure Climate Controlled Storage in Sioux City

Olympic Storage in Sioux City offers secure, climate-controlled storage that lets you store your property safely. If you want peace of mind when you have to leave your belongings at a facility, you want to see those cameras, onsite employees, and the use of keyless smart locks.

Having self-storage unit insurance is a good idea, too. Even if you never need to file a claim, just knowing that you have it can be reassuring. Contact Olympic Storage to find out unit sizes and prices. When you need to store your belongings, our secure facility is a top choice.


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