Storage Tips

Using a storage unit is simple, but when you’re new to the storage world, you can overlook some issues that could result in damage. Properly preparing your belongings for storage and finding a unit and facility that help protect your items are essential to keeping everything in great condition. In Sioux City, self storage faces issues mainly from the weather, although paying attention to another storage tip or two can help you have a really great storage experience.

Look for Climate Control in Sioux City

First and foremost, look for a climate-controlled storage facility. This won’t give you a perfect 70-degree interior, but it will keep the excessive heat in summer and cold in winter at bay. It will also keep the interior a lot more comfortable for you when you’re loading items in or retrieving them from the unit.

Don’t Forget to Control for Humidity

Along with temperature in Sioux City comes humidity. The climate control will help reduce the moisture levels in the air, reducing the risk of mold and mildew. You can also add dehumidifying packs to the unit for extra humidity removal.

Seal All Boxes – Everywhere

Any box you put in a storage unit, be it a cardboard shipping box or a plastic bin, needs to be sealed up everywhere. Don’t leave holes or flap/lid edges unsealed. Should a bug problem develop (for example, the person using the unit next to yours decides to store food, which attracts bugs), those seals will keep bugs out of your boxes and bins.

Visit Regularly if Possible

If you’ll still be in town, try to visit the unit to check up on things on a regular basis. If you’re storing your belongings before you go on a months-long trip, then obviously this isn’t something you can do unless you can get a family member or friend to check in for you. But if you’re using the unit to store extra items that you don’t currently have room for, try to check in and make sure all seems well. That way, you can address any problems you spot.

Use Storage Racks

Don’t just stack boxes on top of each other; use storage racks. It will be easier to access the boxes and also prevent the boxes at the bottom of a pile from being crushed by the cumulative weight of the boxes on top of it.

Protect Items From the Floor

Storage racks will also help keep items off the floor. If a neighboring unit has something stored in it that leaks, and the liquid seeps into your unit, keeping things off the floor keeps them dry. For items that won’t fit on a rack, a plastic tarp between the item and the floor is a good idea.

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