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If you’re about to put your belongings in storage, you want to be sure everything is still there when you retrieve them, right? To make sure you have everything, you need to place your property in a truly secure storage facility. You need more than something surrounded by a fence, for example, although a fence is still valuable. Keeping your items secure and safe requires several steps taken by both you and the storage facility. When you look for secure self-storage in Sioux City, you want to see multiple levels already in place along with the opportunity for you to add more to your individual unit.

Start With Basic Security Features

At a minimum, the facility you choose needs to have gated access with fencing around the property (strong, non-mobile fencing, not just chain-link), onsite employees, and very good lighting at night, both indoors and outdoors. The entrances and exits to the property should be well-lit, too. If you don’t see all three of these features, look for another storage facility.

Now for Advanced Security Features

Basic security is great, but it’s even better to have advanced security features. Surveillance cameras all over the place are an excellent way to keep your unit and the items inside safe. If there is a building with interior storage units, you want cameras in there, too. The cameras should be recording 24/7. You can also find facilities that offer alarmed units, meaning that anyone trying to force the door open will set off an alarm.

And a third way to keep the facility safe is to find one that has a resident manager, meaning the manager actually lives at the facility. The knowledge that the place is alarmed, locked, surveilled, and occupied all the time can make many thieves simply give up and go elsewhere as evading all that security is too much trouble for them.



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Secure Self-Storage in Sioux City

Two more items that can help you keep things safe are a very good lock – look for a round “storage unit” lock that has a short hasp – and keyless entry, such as the Noke smart entry system. This allows you to avoid having to remember a key, and you use an app to help open the door. You should also get storage unit insurance for peace of mind. Of course, if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to rely on the phone to get into your unit, you can use a traditional lock and key.

If you need to store your belongings, Olympic Storage in Sioux City has climate-controlled, smart-entry units and terrific security throughout the facility. Contact us for a free quote and find out what size of storage unit would work best for the amount of items you have. We want your belongings to be there for you when it’s time to bring everything home.


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