Climate Controlled Self Storage Units In Sioux City

Just like storage spaces in your home, traditional storage units are susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity. If you’re storing sensitive items or may need to rent a self storage unit for more than a few months, you may want additional protection for your things. Olympic Self Storage offers climate controlled self storage units for individuals and businesses in Sioux City.

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Features Of Sioux City Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

The most notable thing about climate controlled self storage units in Sioux City is that they are kept at a safe temperature for most household and professional items, usually between 55 and 85 degrees. Beyond that, there is a lot of variation in other features of climate controlled self storage facilities. At Olympic Self Storage, we strive to offer unique storage solutions for the Sioux City area.


Our climate controlled self storage facility in Sioux City is committed to offering the most modern security features available. Our property is surrounded by high-security fencing and has 24/7 HD video surveillance. The self storage units are secure with Noke ONE keyless door lock system that gives you control over who can access your unit directly from your smartphone.

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Our climate controlled storage facility is centrally located in Sioux City and offers 24/7 secure access. Book or make changes to your storage unit rental online and pay your bill without ever leaving your house. Your unit will be ready for loading and unloading on your schedule.

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Climate controlled self storage units in Sioux City are used for many purposes and each has its own needs. Our units come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you can choose the best layout. Whether you need a place for your Christmas decorations, camping gear, or the contents of a 3-bedroom home, you’ll find the right unit at Olympic Self Storage.

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How To Choose A Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit In Sioux City

Storing your valuable items outside of your home or office is a big choice and one not to be taken lightly. At Olympic Self Storage, we offer climate controlled storage solutions to individuals and businesses that go above and beyond simply being an extra space. When selecting the right self storage facility and storage unit you’ll want to think about:


A self storage facility should be close to your home and/or office so you won’t have to go out of your way to retrieve your things.

Cost and options:

Our units come as small as a utility closet or big enough to fit everything in a 3 bedroom home, appliances and furniture included.


Make sure the storage facility you choose works with your schedule. 24/7 access is always the best and most convenience option.


Look for climate controlled storage that takes security seriously, both on the property and inside each self storage unit.

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