Climate Controlled Vs Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

When it comes to picking self-storage units in Iowa, it is important to determine if a climate-controlled or non-climate-controlled unit is better for you. The type of items you are storing, and the general state you want your items to be stored in will be a determining factor in your decision. Furthermore, the cost, length of storage, and security features provided by each type of storage will help determine the type of storage you wish to use. In this article, we break down these two different types of self-storage to determine the best fit for your needs. 

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What Is Climate-Controlled Self-Storage?

Climate-controlled self-storage is a storage facility that controls both temperature and humidity inside storage areas throughout the different seasons. The temperature is usually kept in the low 80s, and humidity is kept low to avoid damage to the materials being stored in the facility. 

What is Non-Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Non-climate-controlled self-storage is storage where the temperature and humidity are not regulated. While this type of storage can still have safety features, it will not help combat the outside temperature or humidity that will enter the storage facility.

Temperature and Humidity Control

The reason temperature and humidity are important to maintain in a storage facility is that items being stored can be affected drastically over time. For example, if humidity and temperature fluctuate, mold growth can occur on your belongings. Additionally, very cold temperatures could freeze your belongings, causing them to crack or otherwise be damaged when thawed out again. Controlling temperature and humidity keeps your items intact and damage-free from outside conditions. 

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Below are some of the benefits of climate-controlled storage:

  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Air quality control
  • Pest control
  • Dust and debris minimization
  • Protection from rust

Benefits of Non-Climate Controlled Storage

Below are some of the benefits of non-climate-controlled storage:

  • Cost efficient
  • Security over belongings
  • Better suited for more durable items
  • Can offer more space and more access 

Other Points Of Note

Some other aspects of your decision-making process when it comes to climate-controlled vs non-climate-controlled storage units are the cost, suitability for certain items, security, and access to the storage facility itself. Let’s take a brief look into each of these topics to see the difference between the two storage unit types.

Cost Comparison

The general pricing for climate vs non-climate-controlled storage can be a determining factor in the choice you make for storage. Climate-controlled storage tends to be 20-50% more expensive due to the extra cost incurred through temperature and humidity control. When making your decision on price, you also need to take into account the product you are storing. If not having climate control in a facility will ruin or damage your belongings, then the extra cost is worth it in order to store your items properly. Climate control is a useful feature for storage units but it does come with an added cost. 

Suitability For Sensitive Items

When it comes to keeping sensitive items in storage, climate-controlled storage is the way to go. You simply cannot guarantee the longevity of these items without controlling humidity and temperature, as mold and other defects will occur over time. 

Security Features

Both types of self-storage have security features that will ensure the safety of your belongings. Due to their being more invested in climate-controlled self-storage units, it is likely that more robust security measures will be implemented as well. If baseline safety is your goal, either option will suffice. However non-climate-controlled self-storage may lack extra depth in security when compared to climate-controlled. 

Access and Convenience

Both types of self-storage are relatively easy to access, but non-climate-controlled self-storage is often more accessible due to less room needed for climate control. That being said, what you gain in access, you give up for in security, so managing the balance of convenience versus security needs to weigh into your decision.

Long-Term Vs Short-Term Needs

The final assessment of whether you choose either option for self-storage is how long you will be storing your item in storage. If you only need to store your item for a little bit of time, and it is not sensitive, then a non-controlled-climate storage unit may just be the right fit for you. But if you are looking to keep your items in storage for a longer period of time, then climate-controlled storage is your best bet. Even if your item is very durable, over time moisture and humidity will affect pretty much every material in a negative way. 

Book A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Today!

While non-climate-controlled storage units may be cheaper, climate-controlled units are often the better choice. They deliver on en environment that does not damage your items, add extra layers of security, and keep your items in good condition even when stored for longer periods of time. 

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