Climate controlled Storage for Vintage and Classic Cars in Iowa

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Classic car enthusiasts invest a lot of time, money, and energy into restoring these vehicles to their original glory. Since these vehicles are likely not daily drivers, they often need to be stored for extended periods. climate controlled storage for cars in Iowa is highly recommended to keep your vintage car in pristine condition

Find a climate-controlled storage unit for your classic Sioux City.

Specialized Storage Needs for Classic Cars

Whether classic cars are a hobby or an income stream for you, it’s important that they retain their value over time. Even if you have space in your garage or driveway, these options likely don’t provide adequate protection from theft or the elements. Consider these factors when choosing a long-term storage solution for your vintage cars in Iowa.


Collectible car insurance is different from standard auto insurance policies. Because classic cars are considered collectibles, many insurance companies require that they are cared for properly, including being controlled-storage-unit-in-sioux-city-key-considerations/ as you would with other valuables. Ask your insurance agent if your policy requires climate controlled storage for cars to ensure that your vintage vehicle is covered.

Theft And Vandalism

Auto theft is on the rise everywhere and classic cars are often targeted because they are easier to steal than modern cars with built-in security features. Vintage cars and their parts are also in high demand, both in America and overseas, making them particularly attractive to thieves. Even if your home is in a safe neighborhood, it only takes a few minutes to lose your investment or have it vandalized. Self-storage facilities in Iowa have extensive security measures in place to prevent car theft and vandalism.


The Midwest is known for many things, including its weather extremes. Cold winters and hot, humid summers can wreak havoc on your vintage car’s paint, interior, and engine. Even if you have an indoor storage option available at home, climate controlled storage for cars provides more stability and moderate conditions to minimize damage.


Another risk of storing your vintage car outdoors or in an improperly sealed garage or shed is pests. Rodents and other wildlife look for places to hide and your vintage car may make an appealing shelter from the weather. A clean, dry climate-controlled storage facility keeps unwanted pests out of your vehicle.

Benefits of Climate Control for Car Storage

A climate-controlled self-storage unit in Sioux City offers many benefits for classic car owners. 

  • Superior air quality
  • Protection from extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Sealed units to keep out dirt and pests
  • 24/7 access to your vehicle
  • Electronic gated access to the facility
  • Surveillance cameras inside and outside of the facility
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Month-to-month rental agreements 
  • Easy access to your self-storage account on our online portal

Book A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit In Sioux City

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